About Wolfgang Hammersmith

Wolfgang Hammersmith has achieved professional ratings in a wide range of fields, including sailing, writing, flying and photography. He obtained these ratings through mental and physical cross-training, allowing him to use skills in one specialty to improve his work in another area. His martial arts training, in particular, has helped him develop professionally as the energy and chi flowing through a martial artist carries over to his other pursuits. Wolfgang has 55 years of martial arts education and continuing studies experience.
This training commenced at age 8, when Wolfgang started pursuing his black belt in combat shotokan karate. He would work with Master Masutatsu Oyama until age 17, when he earned his black belt, 3rd Dan. At sandan, the Japanese pronunciation of the 3rd Dan rank, a student has demonstrated the mastery necessary to teach independently or as a sensei.
From age 16 to 59, Wolfgang studied martial archery, focusing on The Self Bow, Natural Bow Making, and Combat Compound Bow. At age 18, he started San Shu Kung Fu instruction under Master Jimmy H. Woo and became a Black Belt Instructor, 5th Que (Degree) upon completion of this training at age 24.
He then studied Jeet Kune Do/Escrima from age 24 to 27. During this time, he worked concurrently with Bruce Lee’s direct protégés, Masters Jerry Poteet and Daniel Inosanto. Wolfgang also learned Escrima/Arnis Knife Fighting Techniques from Inosanto.
Wolfgang continued his study of martial arts. His focus included Jeet Kune Do, Escrima, Comprehensive Knife Fighting, Longbow Archery and Comprehensive Pistolcraft. Unfortunately, complications from injuries currently limit extensive physical training in Escrima and Jeet Kune Do training.
Wolfgang is engaged in ongoing studies related to Gull Wing Knife Technique and Comprehensive Knife Fighting, which he commenced at age 24. He is also continuing studies in Comprehensive Pistolcraft and Archery that he began at age 16.

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